with Ergo cushion+ Not just the healthy shoes but a healthy lifestyle

          The unique design from O&B to become the most comfortable shoes for ladies but never forget the unique modern shape and design especially for Audrey, R&D team have spent more than 1 year on testing and designing to fix a single problem which is “how to make the ladies feel the best physically and mentally wearing this pair of shoes”. This principle becomes core DNA in designing and intense selection. Fashionable shape, luxurious texture and materials but durable, gentle touch since the first time and their lightweight to make sure that the shoes fit and support every shape of the ladies around the world. As from our long experiences working with shoes, we believe that good shoes won't be just physically right but also mentally that makes everyone feels good about themselves every day.


More than 10 qualities we specially designed for this model.

     - Heel counter
     - Invisible heel
     - Seamless interior
     - Arch support
     - Breathability
     - Contoured footbed
     - Cushioned heel
     - Support outsole
     - Padded collar
     - Roomy toe box
     - Shock absorption
     - Soft uppers
     - Straight last
     - Stretchable